CEA Session 4: Speaking Skills, Part II

The fourth session of the LSRW classes was conducted on 7 Feb 2019. A team of five students of semester 6 led the session. The class was divided into eight groups of two students each. The activities included partner interview, sentence construction on a given topic, a vocabulary game, and the description of a given object. The children were highly cooperative and enthusiastic. Though some of them were diffident at first to speak to the class in English, the student team, by constant interaction with the students and applauding and encouraging each speaker, was able to promote a strictly non-academic and informal learning environment.

The team members were:

  • Bhagya
  • Devika
  • Athira
  • Anju
  • Amal (Tech support)


Lightning Lessons in Writing: How to Use the Comma

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All too often, inexperienced writers view, or worse, use, the comma as a pause in a sentence.  While it’s true that we pause at commas, as we would any mark of punctuation, that is not their function any more than the function of a period is a pause, or a semi-colon or colon are pauses.  The period, or full stop, signals to the reader that one point has finished and another is about to begin.  The semi-colon effectively bridges two independent clauses, while the colon may be used to create lists, or forcefully drive home the point the author is attempting to make: that commas do more than pause.  A comma, like other marks of punctuation, effectively tells the reader that something is coming, and that the reader needs to prepare for a shift in what follows.  Commas separate.  And failing to understand how they do so produces effects from…

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Association Inauguration & Awarding Toppers

The English Association 2018-2019 was formally inaugurated today. The keynote speech was delivered by Ms Lalitha Joseph (Assistant Professor, Department of English, St John’s College, Anchal).

The Fr. George Varghese Endowment awards to the top scorers of the degree exams were given. The award for the 2013-16 batch was given to Ms. Jiby Jose. She has recently achieved the first rank in the MA English programme of the University of Kerala. The award for the top-scorer of the 2015-18 batch was given to Ms Anju Udayan, now pursuing MA in English Literature at TKM College of Arts and Science, Kollam. The morning session was followed by the cultural performances by the students of the department. 

P.S.: The topper of 2014-17 batch, Ms. Rakhi R J collected her award from the department.

CEA Session 3: Speaking English

The third session of the LSRW classes was conducted on 10 Jan 2019. A team of five students of semester 3 led the session. The class was divided into four groups of four students each. The focus of the session was on speaking English and the games and activities were chosen to hone the students’ skills in this aspect. The activities included picture description, self introduction, and solving simple “What am I?” riddles.

Feedback about the content and usefulness of the sessions, the instructors, and suggestions for improvement of the sessions was collected through feedback questionnaires.

The team members were:

  • Petrecia J
  • Devika Krishna
  • Archa J S
  • Vipanchika L S
  • Unnikuttan S

Intra-departmental Quiz on the World Wars

As part of the centenary commemoration of the Armistice, a quiz competition and a film screening was conducted on 7 Dec 2018 by the Department. The intra departmental quiz was conducted on the theme of the world wars by our faculty member Ms Reshma Elizabeth Jacob. There were five teams of four students each. The winning team members are Unnikuttan, Abhishek, Saurav, and Vimal of Semester III.

The quiz was followed by the screening of the war movie, Roberto Benigni’s La Vita e Bella (1997, Life is Beautiful). 

Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, and Giorgio Cantarini. Courtesy: IMDB.


The second session of the Community Extension Activity was organized on Nov 8, 2018. This was the continuation of the previous introductory session. The Listening segment is now effectively completed. A team of Sem 5 BA students were the language instructors. The team comprised:

  1. Anju Mohan
  2. Amal M.
  3. Febin Thomas (Tech support)
  4. Bhagya (Photography)

“These two days were an amazing experience for me. The children were responsive towards all the tasks and they took the tasks seriously. At the end, the feedback from the children was that they enjoyed the sessions and had fun. It has also helped me to improve my English communication skills.”
~ Anju, team member

CEA Session 1: Congrats to the Student Team!

The department launched ELT sessions for standard 8 students of St Gregorios High School, Kottarakara as part of the Community Extension Activity (CEA). The class on Listening Skills: Part I was taken by a six-member team of Third Year BA English students. The introductory session used ICT tools and various games and fun activities to help improve the students’ English listening skills.

The team members were:

  • Febin Thomas
  • Jiju Joy
  • Nikhila U.
  • Anju Mohan
  • Amal M. (Tech support)
  • Nafees Saif (Photography)